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Joey Bada$$ enters the music scene with an amazing song titled, Make Me Feel which makes a unique debut here on Justnobz Media website for free and super-fast download.

The music is indeed a masterpiece, there's no doubt about it being a definition of what good music should sound like.

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Make Me Feel Lyrics

IntroStephanie Mills
Something in the way you make me feel
Feel, feel [Statik Selektah
Tell you, baby
Something in the way you make me feel
Feel, feel

Never in these preparations
I'm goin' off like a detonation
I want it all, fuck a
I do it all with no hesitation
Fuck a punchline, I hit 'em with a combination, like this shit
Layin' down the law like this shit was legislature
sayin' ain't nobody greater
I bow my head and do my numbers like it's nothing major
How much
Eight figures later, got my life all figured out
Got a if you wanna make it out
Ten thousand hours

Just in case we see bad weather, I need a nice amount

Thinkin' 'bout puttin' some in another house

One thing I never sacrifice is integrity

None of these niggas clarity
Rest in peace to Steez put the battery inside my back

I ain't even gotta aim, it's all hit accuracy
Amen to Jesus

Runnin' this shit on these tracks just like an athlete
All my bars is sound like a Patek Philippe
Uh, I been thrivin'
New presi on my wrist, call it Joe Biden
If I shoot, I never miss, I'ma keep firin'

I woke up and chose violence
Product of my environment
I'm the reason why niggas talkin' 'bout retirement
I'm the reason why niggas silent
Bow down to the highness, Brooklyn's finest
This flow make 'em think it's something wrong with their sinus
Came up from the underground, but had to keep climbin'

And keep the game at Bay like the 49ers
47 Shit, Steezy lookin' down smilin'
Stones keep alignin' so we gotta keep shinin'
like a pink diamond
I'm the one you niggas underminin'
This is something to remind 'em

Shine so bright that it just might blind 'em
Your favorite rappers wouldn't be enough if you combine them niggas

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